7 Wood Furniture Painting Ideas

Some people don’t have any ideas about painting, especially when it comes to their furniture. If you want to get good furniture painting ideas, then read on.You can paint your furniture anyway you like; you can paint it in white, in strips, or even paint it with the same color as the wall. As long as you’re comfortable with the color of the paint, then proceed with your painting project. Here are great wood furniture painting ideas:1. For best wood furniture painting results, the proper temperature should be maintained in the room. If you stripped your wood furniture, make sure that you apply an acrylic primer before applying any oil-based gloss, eggshell, or any color of acrylic paint.2. Paint your furniture in a shade that is in contrast with the wall’s color. This way, you can define the furniture and the wall. You should also consider where the furniture is located. If you want, you can paint the furniture found in your bedroom with the color that suits your personal style; while the furniture found in other parts of the house can be painted in other subtle colors.3. Some people prefer eggshell finish because the gloss finish can have a deadening effect. While you’re painting, always do it in small sections. Lap marks can be avoided if you keep wet edges.4. If you want, you can also incorporate effects like broken color into your wood furniture. It is highly recommended that paints which are oil-based are best for wood furniture.5. To add more color to your wood furniture, you can stain it because this allows the furniture’s natural grain patterns to show through.6. After staining your furniture, you can apply varnish so that the furniture can have a tough coat. Varnishes are available in satin and high gloss finishes.7. If you have leftover paints, combine those that have identical color in one can and then close it tightly. Keep it for later use.Painting your wood furniture is a great idea to maintain its newness and to preserve its beautiful appearance. So if you have pieces of wood furniture at home, don’t forget these cool furniture painting ideas.

Look for the Best Online Art School for You to Enroll

Many people believed that the occurrence of the internet has totally drowned the people’s interest for the arts. In fact, every new technologically advanced gadget that the world comes up with seems to slowly make people forget about the real essence of the arts. However, all these notions are not true because despite the efforts of technology to make people forget about the arts, the whole packaging of the gadgets rely on art to sell. They say that there is no money in art but the truth is that many people who engage in art are not in it for the money. They enroll in the top arts schools because they want to reward themselves for working very hard.Mostly, people who enroll in the top art schools that are included in the art school rankings, which only mean that they stand out from all the other schools, are those people who have pursued other career paths but still found themselves yearning for what art could do for them. Although some people might say that an artist will always be starving if he pursues his career in the arts, there is still no amount of money that could make people happy especially the artist who finds the joy in producing art.On the other hand, when you think of it, artists have also learned to embrace the gifts of technology because they have seen how it could help them promote what they do and at the same time earn for a living. This shift had not made the top art schools lose their meaning but rather, it has helped people learn more about what the art schools offer and how it could benefit the general public. The top art schools that make it to the list of the art school rankings are the schools that offer people the chance to explore what the world could offer them. Perhaps this embrace has helped people understand what art really is at the same time helping the top art schools around the globe to strengthen their contribution to society.Most of the artists of this generation excel not only in the art that they do but they excel in producing materials that are artsy but at the same time functional. Those who are into visual arts often find comfort in working for an advertising firm creating product and image designs for clients. Not only are they able to help people but they are also earning money out of it. Did you know that compared to how much artists before are paid, the artists of this new generation are earning more than what others like them ten years ago have always dreamed of. They are paid well and that is enough compensation to produce art forms using new media and touching lives of as many people as possible.The top art schools have helped changed the career of most artists instilling in them the importance of having a good and stable job and at the same time practicing the craft. There is nothing wrong with artists who work for advertising agencies on online web designing because these are jobs that secure the future of these artists. They do not have to start anymore and practice their craft. They can both earn money and at the same time make a world a better place with their art.

Texas Health Insurance Crisis: Who Will Get Help In September?

For 20 years, Texas has been the worst state in the nation for protecting residents through access to medical care. A higher percentage of residents have had to survive without health insurance in Texas than in any other state, but September will bring new relief to help the public pay for Texas health insurance plans.Over the last five years, Texas health insurance premiums rose by a whopping 40 percent. That was 10 times faster than household income rose for Texas residents during the same period. With the cost of health insurance soaring beyond reach for many working people, families were hit hard. Of the uninsured in Texas, more than 80 percent are in families supported by at least one working member. Although three-fourths of them have incomes above 200 percent of the federal poverty level, health insurance has remained out of reach.As one in four Texas residents (nearly six million people) were trying to stay healthy in the absence of any kind of health insurance, President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law in March 2010.How Will Health Insurance In Texas Change In September?Both young and old will benefit from the Affordable Care Act. This law includes provisions for children who have been excluded from coverage because insurers did not want to accept the risk of claims for known health problems.Insurers will be required to cover everyone under the age of 19, even when they have known health problems, as of September 23, 2010. The new provision will apply to health insurance plans that are “grandfathered in”as well as to new group plans, self-insured plans and new individual plans. It applies to anyone under the age of 19 regardless of whether they are employed or married.Texas residents over the age of 19 with known health problems have had access to coverage through a high-risk state pool. Now those who have not had health insurance for the last six months, will also have access to health insurance through a federal Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan.Is An Ounce Of Prevention Worth A Pound Of Cure?That famous quote from Benjamin Franklin, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” will finally be put to the test this fall. New insurance plans, starting on September 23, must provide “recommended” preventative services without requiring you to cover co-insurance, co-payment or a deductible.With access to health screenings that are no longer cost-prohibitive, we can catch deteriorating health earlier to prevent suffering and save lives. Of course, it’s also cheaper to reverse health problems before they become life threatening, and that can help make health care accessible to more people by using healthcare dollars more effectively.How Does Healthcare Reform Increase Coverage For Children?On September 23, insurers have to allow children who do not have insurance through their own employment to be covered with their parents’ insurance until the children become 26. It doesn’t matter whether the kids are married or whether their parents’ have insurance.It also will not matter if children under the age of 19 have any known health problems. As of September 23, all health insurance plans in Texas, whether the policies are new or old, will no longer be allowed to deny coverage to sick children under the age of 19.How Does Healthcare Reform Aid Adults?It establishes an insurance pool, the Pre-Existing Conditions Insurance Plan or PCIP, for adults with known health problems who do not have coverage. This pool is designed to help uninsured adults get insurance at premium rates that are same as the standard market rates. That can end discrimination against those who are sick, and it means no more high premiums when you need medical care the most. Texas also has a state high-risk pool so if you are in that pool, you cannot transfer to the federal pool.Does your plan limit your lifetime benefits? That, too, will change on September 23. Insurers will no longer be permitted to limit lifetime benefits that are defined to be “essential health benefits,” such as ambulance service and hospitalization. More services may be added to the classification of essential benefits because the details are still being discussed. No new plans may be issued after September 23 with either annual or lifetime limits on benefits. Policies issued before that date will also have to be upgraded to remove annual limits by 2014.If you have been waiting for your chance to benefit from the protection of individual or family plans, this fall will mark the beginning of a shift in how our country, and your state, responds to the need for medical care.